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Our Latest HIPAA Stars

The HIPAA Office recognized Information Technology Programming Wizard Dennis Weaver for his assistance in addressing technical issues for the HIPAA Annual Update. Over the years, Dennis has made a very difficult notification and crediting process much easier (Pictured from left-Back Row: Josh Black, Steve Cochran, Dennis Weaver, Heather Schmiegelow and Anita Westbrook. Pictured from left-Front Row: Sara Ayers, Brittany Parker and Bill Dobbins)

The HIPAA Office recognized Human Resources Instructional Designer Rhonda Wakelyn for her assistance in creating a new design with enchanced interactivity for the 2016 HIPAA Annual Update. (Pictured from left: Sara Ayers, Brittany Parker, Anita Westbrook, Rhonda Wakelyn and Bill Dobbins.)

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