IT Security Alert

Protect Your Personal Information and UAMS Confidential Information – do not become victim to Phishing Scams

Be mindful and aware of the various signs and red flags that indicate phishing scams. Use great caution when discerning whether a communication is valid or not.
  • DO NOT reply to phishing with any personal information or passwords. If you have reason to believe that the request is real, call the institution or company directly.
  • DO NOT click a link in an unsolicited message. If you have reason to believe the request is real, type the web address for the company or institution directly into your web browser. You can easily test the validity by hovering over the link provided. (It may have a partial name of the legitimate company, but will also have other fake extensions.)
  • DO NOT use the same password for your UAMS domain account, bank, Facebook, etc.
  • Change ALL of your passwords if you suspect any account you have access to may be compromised. Do this even if you click on a link that takes you nowhere.
  • Be equally cautious when reading email on your phone or device. It may be easier to miss telltale signs of phishing attempts when reading the email on a smaller screen.
  • Also be aware that other means of phishing include text messaging on smart phones, social networking such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, and actual phone calls to your business or personal phone.
  • If you have doubt of any kind, contact the UAMS Technical Support Center at (501) 686-8555.